BA/Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellowships 2023-24: terms and conditions


Part 1

Please refer to Part 1 of Terms & Conditions of Award.

Part 2

Scheme-specific conditions

British Academy/Leverhulme Senior Research Fellowships

1. Introduction

1.1 The Academy will confer upon the successful applicants the title of British Academy/Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellow, British Academy Thank-Offering to Britain Fellow, Michael Dockrill Senior Research Fellow in British Foreign Policy, Saki Ruth Dockrill Senior Research Fellow in Contemporary History and International Security Studies or Donald Winch Fund Senior Research Fellow in Intellectual History as appropriate.

1.2 The award of a Fellowship may be held for a period of one year from a starting date, to be agreed between the Academy, the award-holder and the employing institution, not earlier than 1 September in the year of the competition and not later than 1 January following. No award is renewable.

1.3 Applicants are required to give an undertaking that, if appointed, they will devote themselves full-time to the research for which they have been given the award, without responsibility for regular teaching, examining or administrative duties, save for those duties declared in the application form and approved by the British Academy. These will normally be expected only to include strictly limited postgraduate teaching and supervision.

2. Use of award

2.1 At the time when an application is submitted, an appropriately authorised approver on behalf of the applicant’s employing institution shall approve the application on behalf of the employing institution undertaking:

3. Accepting the offer and payment

3.1 After the replacement lecturer has been appointed, the name of the replacement, their curriculum vitae and confirmed salary must be supplied to the Academy. The British Academy will pay to the institution(s) concerned the agreed costs of substitute teaching, normally by quarterly reimbursements. The salary rate for the replacement should be at the equivalent of the minimum starting point for a newly appointed Lecturer. The Academy will also cover the costs of superannuation and national insurance contributions (and, where appropriate, London Allowance). While it is hoped that the person substituting for the award-holder will be treated as a full member of the academic staff of the institution concerned and will be offered access to its normal facilities, including a room for working, and social facilities, the Academy will not meet the costs of these. It is expected that a full-time appointment will be made, thus giving an opportunity to a younger scholar and avoiding the need to ask the award-holder to fill any gap in the teaching arrangements.

4. Reporting and accounts

4.1 At the end of the award, a final report shall be submitted by the award-holder to the British Academy (within two months of the Fellowship ending) on the progress of their research, and other reports shall be provided at any time, if so required by the Academy. All publications resulting from the work accomplished during the tenure of an award, whether monographs, journal articles or other publications, should include due acknowledgement of the British Academy and the Leverhulme Trust’s support, or support of the Thank-Offering to Britain Fund, Michael Dockrill Senior Research Fellowship in British Foreign Policy, Saki Ruth Dockrill Senior Research Fellowship in Contemporary History and International Security Studies or Donald Winch Fund Senior Research Fellowship in Intellectual History as appropriate, and copies of monographs should be sent to the Academy.

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