BA/Leverhulme Senior Research Fellowship Awards 2009

Funded by

Barrett, Professor Timothy

Professor of East Asian History, School of Oriental and African Study

The Politics and Economics of Printing, 880-960

Carey, Professor Christopher

Professor of Greek, University College London

A Commentary on Herodotus Book 7

Hodgson, Professor Jacqueline

Professor of Law, University of Warwick

The Metamorphosis of Criminal Procedure in the 21st Century: A Comparative Analysis

Jeffery, Professor Patricia

Professor of Sociology, University of Edinburgh

Improvising Lives: Twenty Years of Change in Two North Indian Villages

Marten-Finnis, Professor Susanne

Professor of Applied Linguistics, Portsmouth University

Russia on Display: Soviet and Émigré Publishing in 1920s Berlin: The Illustrated Reviews as Showcases for the Old and New Russia

Strawson, Professor Galen

Professor of Philosophy, University of Reading

Life in Time (The Temporal Phenomenology of the Self)

Whittow, Dr Mark

Fellow and Tutor in History, St Peter’s College and University Lecturer, University of Oxford

Feudal Revolution

BA/Thank-Offering to Britain Senior Research Fellowship

Dr Alexander Lingas

Senior Lecturer in Music, City University

A New Historical Introduction to Byzantine Chant

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