APEX Awards 2022

Dr Karl Bates
University of Liverpool
A multi-scale analysis of selective breeding, limb morphology and biomechanics in dogs

Professor Sarah Bridle
University of York
How to feed the UK amid catastrophic food system disruption

Professor Federico Caprotti
University of Exeter
Urban Infrastructures and the on/off-grid city: Investigating the lived experiences of heterogeneous infrastructures in informal settlements

Professor Susan Healy
University of St Andrews
Towards an evolutionary understanding of invention

Dr Petro Lutsyk
Aston University
Nanomaterial Electrode Webs for Revolutionary Brain Recording Systems

Dr David Roberts
University of Kent
A transdisciplinary approach to inferring the end of political violence

Professor Alexandra Sanmark
University of the Highlands and Islands
Connectivity and Communication in Norse Orkney

Dr Aliah Shaheen
Brunel University London
The Relationship Between Biomechanical Measures of Movement Fluency and Coordination and Perceptions of Social Competence

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