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From Our Fellows 11, February 2018

In this February 2018 edition of short reflections ‘From Our Fellows’, Jeremy Horder suggests ways to keep our Members of Parliament squeaky clean; Francesca Orsini warns us of our limited vision when we think of ‘world literature’; and Anna Vignoles discusses what universities are able to do to promote greater social mobility.

When you think back to the MPs’ expenses scandal of 2009 do you still feel annoyed? Jeremy Horder, Professor of Criminal Law at the London School of Economics, thinks that our Members of Parliament could still benefit from some more robust scrutiny.

Many of us might aspire to keep up with what’s new in ‘world literature’. But Francesca Orsini, Professor of Hindi and South Asian Literature at SOAS University of London, reminds us how much of what is published remains overlooked by English language readers, leaving us with a very partial view of the world. [at 6:33]

A university education is thought by many to be the key to career success. But are our life chances actually determined at a much earlier age? Anna Vignoles, Professor of Education at the University of Cambridge, considers what role education can really play in promoting social mobility. [at 14:46]

Release date 12 February 2018