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From Our Fellows 07, June 2017

This June 2017 edition of short reflections ‘From Our Fellows’ contains two contributions. Lorna Hutson asks the English probing questions about what they mean by ‘the North’. And Ian Roberts draws our attention to new ways of thinking about language.

Lorna Hutson, Merton Professor of English at the University of Oxford, is working on a Leverhulme-funded project on ‘Shakespeare’s Scotland’. Here she explores how the English came to think of this as their island, and still do – at the expense of those living in the northern part of it.

We are all fascinated by the peculiarly human gift of language. Ian Roberts, Professor of Linguistics at the University of Cambridge, has written a book to tell us more about it – a book he hadn’t realised he wanted to write. [at 10:34]

Release date 5 June 2017