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Fontes Historiae Africanae - Original Series

Volumes published by the British Academy in the original series (1980-1995)

Volumes published by the British Academy in the original series (1980-1995)



XI. The History of the Mazru'i Dynasty of Mombasa, by Shaykh Al-Amin bin ‘Ali Al Mazru‘i, translated and annotated by J McL Ritchie
0-19-726158-2  hbk    1995    available from Oxbow

VII-X. [not published by the British Academy]

VI. Muhammad al-Qadiri’s Nashr al-mathani: The Chronicles, edited by Norman Cigar
0-19-725994-4  pbk    1981    available from Oxbow

V. Shari‘a in Songhay: The Replies of al-Maghili to the Questions of Askia al-Hajj Muhammad,
edited and translated by John O Hunwick
0-19-726032-2  hbk    1985    out of print

I-IV. [not published by the British Academy]



VIII. [not published by the British Academy]

VII. Letters on West Africa and the Slave Trade: Paul Erdmann Isert’s Journey to Guinea and the Caribbean Islands in Columbia (1788), translated and edited by Selena Axelrod Winsnes
0-19-726105-1  hbk    1992    out of print

VI. A State of Intrigue: The Epic of Bamana Segu According to Tayiru Banbera, edited by David C Conrad
0-19-726088-8  pbk    1990    available from Oxbow

V. Pieter de Marees: Description and Historical Account of the Gold Kingdom of Guinea (1602), translated and edited by Albert van Dantzig & Adam Jones
0-19-726056-X  pbk    1987    out of print

IV. The Historical Geography of Ethiopia, from the First Century AD to 1704, by G W B Huntingford, edited by Richard Pankhurst
0-19-726055-1  hbk    1989    out of print

III. Towards a Reconstructed Past: Historical Texts from Busoga, Uganda, edited by David William Cohen
0-19-726039-X  hbk    1986    available from Oxbow

II. The Sudan Memoirs of Carl Christian Giegler Pasha, 1873–1883, edited by Richard Hill
0-19-726028-4  hbk    1984    out of print

I. The Mombasa Rising against the Portuguese, 1631, from Sworn Evidence, translated and edited by G S P Freeman-Grenville
0-19-725992-8  pbk    1980     out of print


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