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Professor W J T Mitchell FBA

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About this Fellow

The study of images, media & visual culture in relation to politics in both traditional & modern societies.



Current post

  • Gaylord Donnelly Distinguished Service Professor of English and Art History, The University of Chicago

Other Modern Languages, Literatures and other Media from 1830 Fellows

Professor Thomas Elsaesser

History and pre-history of cinema and moving image culture 1870s-1900s; European cinema since 1945; German cinema; ‘New Hollywood’ of the 1970s, ‘post-classical’ cinema since the 1990s; architecture and urbanism; avant-garde cinema and installation art

Professor Mary Jacobus

British Romanticism, especially Wordsworth; feminist literary theory and criticism; psychoanalysis; visual culture

Professor Juliet Mitchell

Psychoanalytic and interdisciplinary research into gender/sexual difference and sibling/social group relationships using literature to analyse the horizontal axis missing from social theory

Professor Beatriz Sarlo

Argentine culture and literature of the twentieth and twenty-first century; urban and popular culture; intellectual history in Latin America; history of the media; literary criticism and aesthetic ideologies