Professor Susan Rankin FBA

Western medieval music and its transmission and notation from the origins to the 13th century and the development of the Latin liturgy, with an especial focus on ritual

Elected 2009

Fellow type
UK Fellow
Year elected

Susan Rankin is Professor of Medieval Music at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of Emmanuel College. Her research interests lie in three directions: the manuscript transmission and forms of writing of music in the early middle ages, early medieval polyphony and ritual expressed in music throughout the middle ages. Her most recent major publication, from 2018, is a monograph on the music scripts and notations invented by the Carolingians, Writing Sound in Carolingian Europe, and she has recently finished a second Carolingian book, Sounding the Word of God: Carolingian Books for Singers, based on the Conway lectures delivered at the University of Notre Dame Indiana in 2017. From 2019-2020 she was a Fellow of the Radcliffe Institute at Harvard University, working with Margot Fassler towards a book in which dramatic modes of action in and alongside the medieval liturgy are examined. She was awarded the Dent Medal in 1995 and is a Corresponding Fellow of the Medieval Academy of America and Corresponding Member of the American Musicological Society.

Current post

University of Cambridge Professor of Medieval Music

Past appointments

Henry Bradshaw Society Chair of Council

Emmanuel College University of Cambridge Professor of Medieval Music, Fellow

British Academy appointments

Chair of the History of Art and Music Committee

Member of Medieval Studies Committee


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