This section brings together Fellows who specialise in archaeology.

What is archaeology?

13 Mar 2019 Professor Charlotte Roberts FBA

Professor Charlotte Roberts FBA explains the study of archaeology and how it impacts our lives today.

Focus of this section

Archaeology is the study of the human past through material remains and takes in the full scope of human history, from our earliest ancestors around five million years ago to the present. The past is important to present concerns, so that archaeology has an important ethical dimension. Archaeology combines a more humanistic interest in the past, enjoying close links to history and anthropology, with a thriving scientific dimension through dating methods, the analysis of materials and biological data, including genetics. Archaeologists work in universities, museums, for local and national government bodies and in commercial archaeological practices. British archaeologists work locally, but also in all parts of the world. In this Section we aim to represent the full range of archaeology.

Section chair

Professor Nancy Edwards FBA

Emeritus Professor of Medieval Archaeology, Bangor University

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