Professor Sara Arber FBA

Gender and ageing, including care-giving, older men, pensions; health inequalities, including women's health, social capital, cross-national comparisons; sociology of sleep, research on women, couples and ageing

Elected 2008

UK Fellow

Current post

University of Surrey Emeritus Professor of Sociology

Centre for Research on Ageing and Gender (CRAG) Co-Director

Past appointments

University of Surrey Head of the School of Human Sciences

Jan 2001 - Jan 2004

British Sociological Association President

Jan 1999 - Jan 2001

University of Surrey Head of Sociology Department

Jan 1996 - Jan 2002

University of Surrey Professor of Sociology

Jan 1994 - Jul 2017


Contemporary Grandparenting: Changing Family Relationships in Global Contexts

editors Sara Arber and Virpi Timonen - Published in 2012 by Policy Press

The Myth of Generational Conflict: Family and State in Ageing Societies

editors Sara Arber and Claudine Attias-Donfut - Published in 2000 by Routledge

Connecting Gender and Ageing: A Sociological Approach

Jay Ginn and Sara Arber - Published in 1995 by Open University Press

Gender and Later Life: A Sociological Analysis of Resources and Constraints

Jay Ginn and Sara Arber - Published in 1991 by SAGE Publications Ltd

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