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UK Fellow, Section S3, Anthropology and Geography, elected in 2008

Professor Ruth Mace FBA

Professor Ruth Mace FBA profile picture

About this Fellow

The evolution of human behaviour and culture, especially demography and anthropology; the evolutionary ecology of reproduction, cultural phylogenetics, and the evolution of co-operative behaviour



Current post

  • Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology, University College London


Cooperation is related to dispersal patterns in Sino-Tibetan populations.. Nature communications, 6 8693 2015

The rise and fall of political complexity in Island South-East Asia and the Pacific. Nature 467(7317): 801-804 2010

Cooperation and conflict: field experiments in Northern Ireland. Proceedings. Biological sciences / The Royal Society, 281 (1792) 2014

The evolution of cultural diversity: a phylogenetic approach 2005

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