Professor Robin Dennell FBA

Elected 2012

Fellow type
UK Emeritus Fellow
Year elected

Current post

Professor Emeritus, The University of Sheffield; Visiting Research Fellow, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Past appointments

University of Exeter Honorary Research Professor

2016 -


Southern Asia, Australia and the Search for Human Origins, ed. R.W.Dennell & M. Porr, Cambridge University Press (2014)

Living in the Landscape: Essays in Honour of Graeme Barker, ed. K. Boyle, R.J. Rabett and C. Hunt, pp. 11-34. (2014)

Hallam Movius, Helmut de Terra, and the Line that never was: Burma, 1938. (2014) \

The origins and persistence of Homo floresiensis on Flores: biogeographical and ecological perspectives (2013)

Hominins, deserts, and the colonisation and settlement of continental Asia Quaternary International 2012, xxx, 1-9

The Nihewan Basin of North China in the Early Pleistocene

The Palaeolithic Settlement of Asia, Cambridge University Press (2009)

The dispersal of Homo sapiens across southern Asia: how early, how often, how complex? Quaternary Sciences Reviews 47, 15-22.

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