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Professor Ray Hudson FBA

Geography Political and Electoral Geography Developmental Geography Economic Geography
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About this Fellow

My research has focussed on economic geographies and processes of combined and uneven spatial development at varying spatial scales. The theoretical framework for this research draws upon various strands of heterodox political economy, including Marxian, evolutionary, institutional and regulationist approaches, and state theories. Related to this, I have also sought to understand the role of public policy in bringing about change. The main empirical focus of this work has been on regions of growth and decline within Europe, though situated within a changing global context. My most recent research has been concerned with (a)the relationships between the legal and illegal in the contemporary economy and (b)the significance of material transformations in economic processes.



Current post

  • Emeritus Professor of Geography, University of Durham

Past Appointments

  • Acting Vice-Chancellor and Warden and Professor of Geography, University of Durham, 2012 - 2016
  • Professor of Geography, University of Durham, 1990
  • Director, Wolfson Research Institute and Professor of Geography, University of Durham, University of Durham, 2003
  • Emeritus Professor of Geography, University of Durham, 2016


Approaches to Economic Geography: Towards a Geographical political economy 2016

Wrecking a Region 1989

Producing Places 2001

Economic Geographies 2005

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