Professor Peyton Young FBA

Game theory and its application to the evolution of social norms, learning and innovation, theories of distributive justice, and the design of legislative systems.

Elected 2007

UK Fellow

Current post

Centennial Professor, London School of Economics; Professorial Fellow, Nuffield College, Oxford

Past appointments

London School of Economics and Political Science Centennial Professor

Jan 2017 -

Nuffield College University of Oxford Fellow

Jan 2007 -

Game Theory Society President

Jan 2006 -

The Brookings Institution Senior Fellow in Economics

Jan 1997 -

Johns Hopkins University Scott and Barbara Black Professor of Economics

Jan 1994 - Jan 2007

City University, New York Graduate School of the City University of New York

Jan 1971 - Jan 1976


Individual Strategy and Social Structure: An Evolutionary Theory of Institutions Princeton University Press 1998

Equity in Theory and Practice Princeton University Press 1994

'The Evolution of Conventions' Econometrica, 61, 57-84 1993

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