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Professor Peter Clarke FBA

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About this Fellow

Peter Clarke is the author of eleven books on political, economic and intellectual history, with a focus on Britain and the 'Anglo-world' since the mid-nineteenth century. Over the last forty years he has been a contributor to the Times Literary Supplement, the London Review of Books and the Financial Times. He read History at St John's College, Cambridge (BA 1963, PhD 1967, LittD 1988). After teaching at University College London, he returned to Cambridge in 1980, successively as a lecturer, reader and professor in the History Faculty, combined with a Fellowship at St John's (1980-2000). While Professor of Modern British History, he also served as Master of Trinity Hall (2000-04). He has been a visiting professor at Harvard University, at the Australian National University and at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton. He was Creighton Lecturer in History, University of London (1998), and Ford's Lecturer in British History, University of Oxford (2002). Between 1995 and 2005 he served on the Advisory Committee on Public Records and its successor, the Advisory Council on National Records and Archives; and chaired the sub-committees on the the Security Services (MI5) and the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), which led to the opening of these archives.



Current post

  • Professor Emeritus of Modern British History, University of Cambridge, and formerly Master of Trinity Hall

Past Appointments

  • Master, Trinity Hall University of Cambridge, 2000
  • Lecturer, Reader in History, University College London, 1966 - 1980
  • Professor of Modern British History, University of Cambridge, 1991
  • Professor of Modern British History, University of Cambridge, and Master of Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge, 1991
  • Professor Emeritus of Modern British History, University of Cambridge, and formerly Master of Trinity Hall, Unknown Unknown, 2004


The Keynesian Revolution and its Economic Consequences 1996

Liberals and Social Democrats 1978

The Cripps Version: a biography of Stafford Cripps 2002

The Last Tousand Days of the British Empire, 1944-47 2002

Keynes: the twentieth century's most influential economist 2009

Lancashire and the new liberalism 1971

The Keynesian revolution in the making 1988

A Question of Leadership: Gladstone to Blair 1991, 2001

Hope and glory: Britain, 1900-2000 1996, 2004

Mr Churchill's Profession: statesman, orator, writer 2013

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