Professor Paul Sillitoe FBA

Anthropology Development Anthropology Ethnosciences Human Ecology and Environment Social & Cultural Anthropology, Other Branches

Elected 2006

Paul Sillitoe is a professor in Durham University's Anthropology Department. His research interests focus on human-environment relations, notably local natural resource management strategies and farming systems, having a background in both anthropology and agricultural science. A champion of indigenous knowledge in development and its incorporation into projects, particularly in the context of sustainable livelihood initiatives and appropriate technologies, he specialises in social change, livelihoods and technology, environment and conservation, biocultural diversity and land issues, human ecology and ethno-science, and has experience of working with several international development agencies. He has conducted extensive fieldwork in the S.W. Pacific region, notably in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, where he has sought to locate and understand the 'economy', and is involved in projects in South Asia researching local environmental knowledge and development programmes, and recently worked in the Gulf region on sustainable development initiatives and conservation issues.

Current post

Professor of Anthropology, University of Durham

Past appointments

University of Durham Professor of Anthropology, University of Durham

1997 -

University of Durham Professor of Anthropology, University of Durham

1997 -

University College Durham University of Durham Lecturer to Reader to Professor

1984 -

LaTrobe University Lecturer

1980 - 1984

University of Manchester Simon Fellow

1978 - 1980

University of Manchester

1978 - 1980


Give and take : exchange in Wola society 1979

Roots of the earth: the cultivation and classification of crops in the Papua New Guinea highlands 1983

Made in Niugini: technology in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea 1988

A place against time: land and environment in the Papua New Guinea Highlands 1996

Managing animals in New Guinea: preying the game in the Highlands 2003

From land to mouth: the agricultural 'economy' of the Wola of the New Guinea Highlands 2010

Built in Niugini: constructions in the highlands of Papua New Guinea 2016

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