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UK Fellow, Classical Antiquity, elected in 1987

Professor P J Rhodes FBA

Ancient Greek history, especially politics and political institutions, and the literary and other sources for ancient history
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About this Fellow

P. J. Rhodes studied at Oxford and since 1965 has been based in Durham (as Professor of Ancient History 1983-2005 and as Honorary and Emeritus Professor since then). He is a Foreign Member of the Royal Danish Academy, a Fellow of the Fondazione Lorenzo Valla and an honorary member of the Greek Epigraphic Society; he was President of the Classical Association 2014/5; and he was awarded a Chancellor's Medal by the University of Durham in 2015. He has held visiting fellowships at various Oxford colleges, and in various places outside the U.K. His main area of academic activity is ancient Greek history, in particular politics (both political institutions and political activity), and the sources for ancient history, both literary and epigraphic.



Current post

  • Honorary Professor and Emeritus Professor of Ancient History, University of Durham

Past Appointments

  • Lecturer, Senior Lecturer in Classics and Ancient History, University of Durham, 1965 - 1983
  • Professor of Ancient History, University of Durham, 1983 - 2005
  • Honorary Professor and Emeritus Professor of Ancient History, University of Durham, 2005


The Athenian Boule

P.J. Rhodes, 1972 Clarendon Press

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