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Professor Nobu Kiyotaki FBA

About this Fellow

Economic Systems Political Economics Economic Policy



Current post

  • Professor of Economics, Princeton University

Past Appointments

  • Cassel Professor of Economics, University of London, London School of Economics and Political Science, London School of Economics and Political Science University of London, 1997
  • Professor of Economics, Princeton University, Princeton, 2007

Other Economics and Economic History Fellows

Professor Francesco Caselli

Economic development and, in particular, technology choice and transfer; politics and development; economics of natural-resource abundance

Professor Joel Mokyr

Economic history of Europe, particularly the roots of technological progress and economic growth in Europe during the Industrial Revolution

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Economic history; development of the world economy since AD 1000; the Great Divergence; international comparisons of productivity; wars and economic performance

Professor Esther Duflo

The economic lives of households in poor countries: how they make decisions, what constraints they face, and how this should influence the design of policy; and the at-scale evaluation of such policies, mainly using randomized field experiments