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History of the Book (English)



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  • Formerly Deputy Keeper, British Library


Bibliotheca Lindesiana 1977

Two East Anglian picture books 1988

The great book of Thomas Trevilian 2000

Other Modern Languages, Literatures and other Media from 1830 Fellows

Professor Catriona Kelly

Russian cultural and social history from the late 18th century; the history of childhood, and Russian national identity in the late Soviet and post-Soviet eras.

Professor Michael Bell

Literary studies from the Enlightenment to modernity; the interrelations of literature and philosophy

Professor Thomas Elsaesser

History and pre-history of cinema and moving image culture 1870s-1900s; European cinema since 1945; German cinema; ‘New Hollywood’ of the 1970s, ‘post-classical’ cinema since the 1990s; architecture and urbanism; avant-garde cinema and installation art

Professor Mary Jacobus

British Romanticism, especially Wordsworth; feminist literary theory and criticism; psychoanalysis; visual culture