Professor Neil Macrae FBA

Social Cognition; Person Perception; Social Cognitive Neuroscience

Elected 2011

Fellow type
UK Fellow
Year elected

Neil Macrae received his BSc, PhD and DSc from the University of Aberdeen. He is the recipient of several career awards (British Psychological Society - Spearman Medal; American Psychological Association - Early Career Contribution to Psychology; European Association of Social Psychology - Jaspars Award & Kurt Lewin Award; Society of Experimental Social Psychology - Career Trajectory Award; and Society for Personality and Social Psychology – Wegner Theoretical Innovation Award) and has published widely in experimental psychology. He has held academic positions in the UK and USA and is currently Professor of Social Cognition at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. He is a Fellow of the British Academy (FBA) and Royal Society of Edinburgh (FRSE).

Current post

Professor in Psychology, University of Aberdeen


Stereotypes as energy-saving devices: A peek inside the cognitive toolbox 66/Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 1994

Finding The self? An event-related fMRI study 14/Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 2002

Distinct neural systems subserve person and object knowledge 99/Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2002

Wandering minds: The default network and stimulus-independent thought. 315/Science 2007

Why self-control seems (but may not be) limited. 18/Trends in Cognitive Sciences 2014

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