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Professor Michael Fulford FBA

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About this Fellow


Current post

  • Professor of Archaeology, University of Reading

Past Appointments

  • Dean, Faculty of Letters and Social Sciences, University of Reading, 1994 - 1997
  • Professor of Archaeology, University of Reading, 1988

British Academy Appointments

  • Chairman of the Board for Academy Sponsored Institutes and Societies | Treasurer 2010 - 2015, 2005 - 2010
  • Member of Council, 2003 - 2005


Iron Age and Romano-British Settlements and Landscapes of Salisbury Plain 2006

Silchester: The City in Transition. the Mid-Roman Occupation of Insula IX, c. AD 125-250/300 2011

Pevensey Castle, Sussex. Excavations in the Roman Fort and Medieval Keep, 1993-95 2011

Silchester and the Study of Romano-British Urbanism 2012

New Forest Roman Pottery 1975

Silchester: Excavations on the Defences: 1974-80 1984

Seeing red: new economic and social perspectives on Gallo-Roman terra sigillata 2013

England's Coastal Heritage 1997

Life and Labour in Late Roman Silchester 2006

The Silchester amphitheatre 1989

Bath and the rest of Wessex (_CSIR_ 2, 1982)

Excavations at Carthage 1, 2: The Avenue du Président Habib Bourguiba, Salammbo-pottery -1984

Late Iron Age and Roman Silchester: excavations on the site of the forum-basilica 1977, 1980-86 2000

Excavations at Carthage 2, 2: The circular harbour, north side-pottery -1994

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