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Professor Michael Chisholm FBA


Current post

  • Emeritus Professor of Geography, University of Cambridge

Past Appointments

  • Agricultural Economics Research Institute, University of Oxford, 1954 - 1959
  • Lecturer, Reader, Professor of Geography, University of Bristol, 1965 - 1976
  • Professor of Geography, University of Cambridge, 1976 - 1996
  • Emeritus Professor of Geography, Corpus Christi College, University of Cambridge, 1976 - 1996


Structural reform of British local government (2000)

Britain on the edge of Europe (1995) \

Rural settlement and land use (1962) \

Other Anthropology and Geography Fellows

Professor Ash Amin

Transformations in contemporary society/space relations; urban and regional development; re-imagining the economy; new forms of politics and citizenship; the idea of Europe; race and multiculturalism

Professor Robert Foley

Human evolution: the evolutionary ecology of extinct hominins; the evolution of human behaviour and culture; prehistory and archaeology of early human populations; evolutionary theory in archaeology and anthropology.

Professor Chris Fuller

The anthropology of India, including popular Hinduism and Hindu nationalism, the caste system, the modern state, globalisation and the middle class; field research mainly in Tamil Nadu.

Professor Linda McDowell

Geographies of labour market change in the UK; gender divisions of labour; interactive work in the service sector; economic migration since 1945; memory and oral histories, especially of women migrants

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