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Professor Manfred Bietak FBA

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About this Fellow

Professor emeritus, Egyptology (1989-2009), formerly Director, Vienna Institute of Archaeological Science, University Vienna (2004-2011) and Chairman, Commission of Egypt and the Levant, Austrian Academy (1993-2013). PI of the ERC Advanced Grant "The Hyksos Enigma" (2015-2020). Studies of Egyptology and Prehistory 1958-1963, PhD Vienna 1964, habil. Vienna 1975, PhD. h.c. 2009. Field director of excavations in Sayala/Nubia (1961-1965), Director of excavations in Tell el-Dabca (Hyksos capital Avaris, naval base Peru-nefer and palace of Thutmose III with Minoan Paintings (1966-2011) and Director of excavations in Western Thebes (1969-1978). Founder and first Director of the Austrian Archaeological Institute in Cairo (1973-2009), Director and First Speaker of the chronological Research Programme SCIEM 2000, Austrian Academy. Organiser and co-organiser of 29 international conferences. Visiting Professor, Collège de France (1997 & 2006) and Harvard (2003/04). Editor in Chief of the Journal Egypt and the Levant and of four series, Austrian Academy. Supervisor/reviewer of 25 Master scripts, 42 Dissertations and 6 Habil-theses at different universities. Author and co-author of 17 monographs and over 220 articles. Member of the Austrian-, American-, British-, Royal Swedish-, Gothenburg-, and the Polish Academies, Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres, Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, Institut d'Égypte, German Archaeological Institute, Honorary Member of the Archaeological Institute of America.



Current post

  • Professor Emeritus of Egyptology, University of Vienna; PI of the ERC Advanced Grant 'The Hyksos Enigma'

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