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Corresponding Fellow, Section H9, Early Modern History to 1850, elected in 2010

Professor Lorraine Daston FBA

Professor Lorraine Daston FBA profile picture

About this Fellow

History of science, 16th-19th centuries.: probability and statistics; scientific observation; objectivity; formal theories of rationality


Other Early Modern History to 1850 Fellows

Professor Michael Hunter

Intellectual history of late 17th century Britain, especially the early Royal Society and the 'decline of magic'; editions of Robert Boyle and others; visual culture.

Dr Susan Brigden

The English Renaissance and Reformation; literary coteries; Reformation diplomacy

Professor Lyndal Roper

The social & cultural history of sixteenth & seventeenth century Germany; gender history; witchcraft; the German Reformation

Professor Colin Jones

History of France, especially 17th to 19th centuries; French Revolution; history of medicine; cultural history

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