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Professor Dr Karl Mayer FBA


Current post

  • Director Emeritus, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin; Stanley B Resor Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Yale University; Fernand Braudel Senior Fellow, European University Institute; Visiting Professor New York University at Abu Dhabi

Past Appointments

  • Stanley B. Resor Professor of Sociology, Yale University; Co-Director Cener for Research on Inequalities and the LifeCourseIQLE),, \N, 2003 - 2010
  • Director, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin;, Unknown Unknown, 1970
  • President, Leibniz-Association, Leibniz-Association, 1970
  • Visiting Professor, New York University at Abu Dhabi, New York University at Abu Dhabi, 1970


Skill Formation: Interdisciplinary and Cross-National Perspectives Karl Ulrich Mayer and Heike Solga (eds.) (2008)

Das Bildungswesen der Bundesrepublik Deutschland ( Report on the State of Education in Germany) Kai S. Cortina, Juergen Baumert, Achim Lechinsky, Karl Ulrich Mayer and Luitgard Trommer (eds.) (2008)

Other Sociology, Demography and Social Statistics Fellows

Professor Jennifer Ozga

The governing of education in Europe and in the constituent nations of the UK, comparative work on education policy making, with a focus on data, knowledge and elites

Professor Peter Buckley

International Business, The Theory of the Multinational Enterprise, Strategy of Multinational Enterprises, Foreign Direct Investment with special reference to Foreign Direct Investment from Emerging Markets (India and China)

Professor Henri Leridon

The demographic study of human reproduction (fertility, sterility, medically assisted reproduction, contraception, sexual behavior); family (marriage, cohabitation, structures) and population dynamics

Professor David Buckingham

Children, young people, media and education: media use, civic participation, consumerism, youth culture, sexuality, media literacy, media regulation, identity