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Professor John Wells FBA

Professor John Wells FBA profile picture

About this Fellow


Current post

  • Emeritus Professor of Phonetics, University College London

Past Appointments

  • Lecturer, Reader, Professor of Phonetics, University College London, 1962
  • Emeritus Professor of Phonetics, University College London, 2006


Sounds Interesting 2014

Jamaican pronunciation in London 1973

Accents of English (3 vols) 1982

Longman pronunciation dictionary 1990

Other Linguistics and Philology Fellows

Professor Jenny Cheshire

Sociolinguistics; language change in multilingual urban centres, adolescent language, language & education, syntactic & discourse variation, syntax of spoken English.

Professor Nick Evans

An anthropologist linguist. In addition to primary work recording the endangered indigenous languages of Australia & New Guinea, he has written widely on their implications for linguistics, cognitive science, anthropology, prehistory & other fields

Professor Mary Dalrymple

Descriptive and theoretical syntax and semantics; language documentation; Austronesian and Papuan languages; grammatical analysis within the theory of Lexical Functional Grammar

Professor Nick Chater

The cognitive and social foundations of rationality & language; general principles of cognition; philosophical, economic & policy implications of cognitive science.

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