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Professor John Muellbauer FBA

About this Fellow

Economics USA, Canada and/or Mexico South Africa Western Europe East Asia Australia and New Zealand



Current post

  • Professor of Economics, University of Oxford

Past Appointments

  • Lecturer, Reader, Professor of Economics, Birkbeck College University of London, 1972 - 1997
  • Professor of Economics, University of Oxford, 1997


An almost ideal demand system American Economic Review 1980

UK house prices and migration: economic investment implications 1988

Other Economics and Economic History Fellows

Professor Franklin Allen

Financial Economics; corporate finance, asset pricing, financial innovation, comparative financial systems, financial crises, and financial regulation

Professor Christian Dustmann

Labour Economics (inequality, wage structures, minimum wages; peer effects); the Economics of Migration; the Economics of Education; the Economics of Crime; Population Economics

Professor Mark Casson

Economics of business: theories of entrepreneurship and international business, with historical applications to medieval towns and industries, Victorian railways and twentieth-century multinational firms

Professor James Poterba

The economics of taxation and government spending, with a particular focus on policies that affect retirement security and capital formation

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