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UK Emeritus Fellow, Psychology, elected in 1999

Professor Jim Reason FBA

About this Fellow



Current post

  • Professor Emeritus, The University of Manchester

Past Appointments

  • Lecturer, Reader, Department of Psychology, University of Leicester, 1964 - 1976
  • Professor of Psychology, University of Manchester, 1977 - 2001


Man in motion 1974

Human error 1990

Managing the risks of organisational accidents 1997

Other Psychology Fellows

Professor Naomi Ellemers

Social psychology of organisations: group processes and intergroup relations; social identity; stereotyping and discrimination; diversity and innovation; work motivation and career development; work-life balance and gender in organisations

Professor Robert Ladd

Phonology and phonetics, and the relation between them ("laboratory phonology"); intonation and prosody, including focus, emotion, pitch perception, tone languages, and links between language and music

Professor Andy Clark

Philosophy of Cognitive Science; Neural Networks, Robotics, Cognitive Prosthetics, Predictive Processing, Embodiment and Action

Professor Stephen Reicher

Psychology of groups with particular emphasis on the relationship between social identity processes and collective mobilisation