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UK Fellow, Law, elected in 2014

Professor Jeremy Horder FBA

The history and theory of criminal and regulatory liability in English law; liability for bribery, corruption and homicide
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About this Fellow

My research interests concern English criminal law and penal regulation (their history, and philosophical foundations), and in anti-corruption law world-wide. I am currently working on the application of the offence of 'misconduct in a public office' to elected public officials.



Current post

  • Professor of Criminal Law, London School of Economics


Excusing Information-Provision Crimes in the Bureaucratic State 68 Current Legal Problems 2015

When Sexual Infidelity Triggers Murder: Examining The Impact Of Homicide Law Reform On Judicial Attitudes In Sentencing 74 Cambridge Law Journal 2015

Bureaucratic “Criminal” law: Too Much of a Bad Thing? RA Duff et al (eds), Criminalisation: The Political Morality of the Criminal Law 2014

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