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About this Fellow


Current post

  • Emeritus Professor of Political Philosophy, The University of Manchester

Past Appointments

  • Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Reader, Professor of Political Philosophy, University of Manchester, 1971
  • Emeritus Professor of Political Philosophy, University of Manchester, University of Manchester, 1995


Individual liberty Aristotelian Society Proceedings 1975

An essay on rights 1994

A debate over rights 1998

Other Political Studies: Political Theory, Government and International Relations Fellows

Professor Jonathan Haslam

History of thought in international relations; history of Soviet foreign policy; contemporary history of Chile; biography (E H Carr); origins of the Second World War.

Professor Richard English

Modern Irish and British politics and history; nationalism, political violence, and intellectual history; the politics and history of terrorism

Professor Duncan Snidal

International relations theory, emphasis on international cooperation and design of international institutions; international organisations and law; multilateralism; international political economy; transnational regulation; governance

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