Professor Hagen Keller FBA

Elected 2002

Fellow type
Corresponding Fellow
Year elected
Medieval Studies

Hagen Keller has been Professor of Medieval History at the University of Muenster (Germany) since 1982. He got his PhD 1962 at the University of Freiburg. 1963-1969 he did research at the German Historical Institute in Rome. After the qualification as University Lecturer he was Professor at the University of Freiburg until 1982. With others he established in Muenster the interdisciplinary Collaborative Research Centre (SFB 231, 1986-1999) focused on the pragmatic use of writing and literacy during the High and Late Middle Ages. He led a subproject studying the evolution in the Italian Communes. For the whole time he was chairman or vice-chairman of the Centre. He participated in the draft of a new Collective Research Centre (SFB 496, 2000-2011), entitled Symbolic communication and social value systems from the Middle Ages to the French Revolution, which he joined with his subproject until 2008. The main focus of his studies are the Medieval Empire (9th - 13th centuries), the Italian City-Communes, the role of writing in Medieval society, as well as the transformation of the Roman regions occupied by the Alemans and Burgundians (4th - 8th centuries).

Current post

Formerly Professor of Medieval History, Universität Münster


Il laboratorio politico del Comune medievale, Napoli, Liguori (2014)

The Privilege in the Public Interaction of Power: Forms of Symbolic Communication Beyond the Text, in: Medieval Legal Process, ed. M. Mostert-P.S. Barnwell, Turnhout, Brepols, p. 75-108 (2011)\

Die Zeit der spaeten Karolinger und der Ottonen 888-1024, Stuttgart, Klett-Cotta (with G. Althoff) (2008)

Germanische Landnahme und Fruehmittelalter, in: Handbuch der baden-wuerttembergischen Geschichte, I/1, Stuttgart, Klett-Cotta, p. 191-296 (2001)

Zwischen regionaler Begrenzung und universalem Horizont: Deutschland im Imperium der Salier und Staufer 1024-1250, Berlin, Propylaeen (1986)

Adelsherrschaft und staedtische Gesellschaft in Oberitalien (9.-12. Jahrhundert), Tuebingen, Niemeyer (translated in Italian 1995: Signori e vassalli nell' Italia delle citte , Torino, UTET) (1979)

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