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Professor Greville Corbett FBA

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About this Fellow

Linguistics, especially typology and morphology



Current post

  • Distinguished Professor of Linguistics, University of Surrey

Past Appointments

  • Lecturer, Reader in Russian, Professor then Foundation Research Professor of Linguistics and of Russian Language, University of Surrey, 1970
  • Distinguished Professor of Linguistics and of Russian Language, University of Surrey, University of Surrey, 1970

British Academy Appointments

  • Member of Council, 2004 - 2007


Features 2012


Gender 1991


The Slavonic languages 1993


Number 2000


Agreement 2006


Other Linguistics and Philology Fellows

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Psycholinguistics; first and second language acquisition, developmental and acquired language disorders, the experimental study of language processing in different languages

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Cognition, communication and culture in an evolutionary perspective; anthropological fieldwork in Ethiopia, theoretical and experimental work in linguistic pragmatics and in cognitive psychology

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Professor Paul Kiparsky

Phonology, morphology, historical linguistics, metrics, and the Sanskrit grammatical tradition. The relation between word structure and sentence structure, and the principles governing language change.