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Professor Gareth Stedman Jones FBA

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About this Fellow

British and European history, particularly the history of political thought from the aftermath of the French Revolution to the First World War



Current post

  • Professor of the History of Ideas, Queen Mary University of London; Director of the Centre for History and Economics, University of Cambridge; Fellow, King's College, Cambridge


Karl Marx: Greatness and Illusion Penguin Forthcoming August 2016

An End to Poverty: A Historical Debate 2004

An Introduction to Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels: The Communist Manifesto Penguin 2002

Outcast London Cambridge University Press 1971, 2013 (Verso)

Languages of Class: Studies in English Working-Class History, 1832-1982 Cambridge University Press 1983

Cambridge History of Nineteenth-Century Political Thought Cambridge University Press 2011

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