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  • Fellow, Nuffield College, Oxford

Past Appointments

  • Fellow, Nuffield College University of Oxford, 1951
  • Fellow, Nuffield College, Oxford, Nuffield College University of Oxford, 1951


The Nuffield College general election series since 1951

British political facts 1900- (8 editions), 1963-2000

Political change in Britain 1969

Other Political Studies: Political Theory, Government and International Relations Fellows

Professor Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey

Deliberation in congressional committees and UK parliamentary select committees; applied textual analysis to political speeches and debates; 19th-century British trade policy; contemporary US and UK monetary policy; nonverbal behaviour in deliberation

Professor Christine Bell

The connections between constitutional law and international law forged through attempts to end violent conflict, with a focus on how these attempts affect constitution-making processes, peace agreements, and the development of international law itself

Professor Peter Katzenstein

Problems that lie at the intersection of the fields of international relations and comparative politics, addressing issues of political economy, security and culture in world politics