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UK Emeritus Fellow, Philosophy, elected in 1976

Professor Dana Scott FBA

About this Fellow



Current post

  • Hillman University Professor of Computer Science, Mathematical Logic and Philosophy Emeritus, Carnegie Mellon University

Past Appointments

  • Professor of Mathematical Logic, University of Oxford, 1972 - 1981
  • Hillman University Professor of Computer Science, Philosophy and Mathematical Logic, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburg, 1981


Semantic domains Handbook of the theoretical computer science: formal models and semantics 1990

Symbolic computation and teaching Artificial intelligence and symbolic mathematical computation, AISMC-3 1996

Type theory via exact categories Proceedings of the 13th annual IEEE symposium on Logic in Computer Science 1998

Other Philosophy Fellows

Professor Rae Langton

Ethical aspects of speech act theory and social epistemology; metaphysics of properties; history of philosophy, especially Kant; free speech, hate speech and media ethics; feminist perspectives on pornography and objectification

Professor Matthew Kramer

Political, moral, and legal philosophy: deontological ethics; justice; moral realism as a moral doctrine; legal positivism and legal objectivity; rights and freedom

Professor Andy Clark

Philosophy of Cognitive Science; Neural Networks, Robotics, Cognitive Prosthetics, Predictive Processing, Embodiment and Action

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