Professor Colin Mayer

Financial economics; corporate finance, corporate governance, regulation, taxation, and international comparisons of financial systems; the role of the corporation in contemporary society

Elected 2013

Business and management, Economics

Colin Mayer is the Peter Moores Professor of Management Studies at the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford. He is a Professorial Fellow of Wadham College, Oxford and an Honorary Fellow of Oriel College and St Anne's College, Oxford. He is a member of the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal, the UK Government Natural Capital Committee and the International Advisory Board of the Securities and Exchange Board of India. Colin Mayer was the first professor at the Saïd Business School in 1994 and the Peter Moores Dean of the Business School between 2006 and 2011. He was a Harkness Fellow at Harvard University, a Houblon-Norman Fellow at the Bank of England and the first Leo Goldschmidt Visiting Professor of Corporate Governance at the Solvay Business School, ULB. Colin Mayer researches in the fields of corporate finance, governance, regulation, taxation and the role of the corporation in contemporary society. He works on the nature of the corporation, the regulation of financial markets and institutions, and their effects on the financing and control of corporations. The common theme of his research is the international comparative nature of corporate finance and corporate governance and the relation of these to financial markets.

Current post

Peter Moores Professor of Management Studies, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford; Fellow, Wadham College, Oxford


The Ownership of Japanese Corporations in the 20th Century Review of Financial Studies, 27 2014

Regulatory Sanctions and Reputational Damage in Financial Markets Journal of Finance and Quantitative Analysis 2016

Ownership: Evolution and Regulation Review of Financial Studies, 22 2009

Returns to Shareholder Activism: Evidence from a Clinical Study of the Hermes UK Focus Fund Review of Financial Studies, 22 2009

The Life Cycle of Family Ownership: International Evidence Review of Financial Studies, 25 2012

Firm Commitment: Why the Corporation is Failing Us and How to Restore Trust In It 2013

Chair of

Future of the Corporation

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