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About this Fellow


Current post

  • Professor of Philosophy, McGill University

Past Appointments

  • Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor of Political Science, McGill University, Montreal, 1961 - 1976
  • Professor of Philosophy, McGill University, Montreal, 1973 - 1976
  • Chichele Professor of Political Theory, University of Oxford, 1976 - 1981
  • Professor of Political Science, McGill University, Montreal, 1982


Hegel 1975

Sources of the self 1989

The Ethics of authenticty 1992

Other Political Studies: Political Theory, Government and International Relations Fellows

Professor Jane Mansbridge

Democratic theory; the problem of legitimate coercion, understood through theories of negotiation, representation, deliberation and deliberative systems, participation, political equality, everyday activism, feminism, and public recognition of collective

Professor Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey

Deliberation in congressional committees and UK parliamentary select committees; applied textual analysis to political speeches and debates; 19th-century British trade policy; contemporary US and UK monetary policy; nonverbal behaviour in deliberation

Professor Christine Bell

The connections between constitutional law and international law forged through attempts to end violent conflict, with a focus on how these attempts affect constitution-making processes, peace agreements, and the development of international law itself

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