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About this Fellow

Political philosophy; the ethics of war; bioethics; theories of justice



Current post

  • Senior Research Fellow, All Souls College, Oxford; Professor of Political Philosophy, University of Oxford

Past Appointments

  • Senior Research Fellow, All Souls College, Oxford, All Souls College, Oxford, 1970 - 1970
  • Tutor and Fellow in Philosophy, Lincoln College University of Oxford, 1970 - 1970
  • Professor of Political Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy, Oxford, 1970 - 1970


Social Rights under the Constitution Oxford University Press, 2000


Whose Body is it Anyway? Oxford University Press, 2006


Justice in a Changing World Polity Press, 2007


Cosmopolitan War Oxford University Press, 2012


Cosmopolitan Peace Oxford University Press, 2016


Other Philosophy Fellows

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Philosophy of physics; foundations of quantum mechanics, relativity theory and thermal physics, the role of symmetry principles in physics.

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Links between logic and semantics, including model-theoretic definitions of mathematical constructions, formal semantics for sentences with scope peculiarities, the logic of Ibn Sina and its semantic foundations