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About this Fellow

Social & Cultural Anthropology, Other Branches Eastern Europe including Russia East Asia South Asia Central and Inner Asia Caucasus



Current post

  • Professor Emerita and Director of Research, University of Cambridge

Past Appointments

  • Lecturer then Reader in Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge, 1978 - 1998
  • Professor of Asian Anthropology, University of Cambridge, 1998
  • Professor Emerita and Director of Research, University of Cambridge, 2013
  • Professor of Asian Anthropology, University of Cambridge, University of Cambridge, 1998 - 2013


Karl Marx collective 1986

The archetypal actions of ritual 1994

Shamans and elders 1996

Other Africa, Asia and the Middle East Fellows

Professor Almut Hintze

The languages, religions and history of pre-Islamic Iran and Central Asia with special attention to Zoroastrianism; Ancient and Middle Iranian philology and linguistics

Professor David Mosse

Historical anthropology of religion, social-political systems and livelihoods, especially with reference to Indian caste inequality and activism, religious pluralism (Hindu and Christian) and common property resources; the anthropology of knowledge, inst

Professor Henrietta Harrison

The social and cultural history of China from the Qing through to the present, especially rural north China, links between transnational and local history, religion, diplomacy and revolution

Professor Gavin Flood

Hindu religious literature in the Middle Ages (post-Gupta period); comparative religion, with particular reference to Hinduism and Christianity; philosophical phenomenology and hermeneutics

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