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UK Fellow, Law, elected in 2007

Professor Anthony Ogus FBA

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About this Fellow

The economic analysis of law, with a particular focus on regulatory law



Current post

  • Emeritus Professor of Law, The University of Manchester; Emeritus Professor, University of Rotterdam

Past Appointments

  • Professor of Law, Newcastle University, 1975 - 1978
  • Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford, 1975 - 1978
  • Research Professor, University of Maastricht, 1997
  • Professor of Law, University of Manchester, 1987
  • , University of Leicester, 1967 - 1969
  • Emeritus Professor, University of Manchester, 2012


Travels With My Opera Glasses 2013

Law of Damages 1973

Law of Social Security (with E M Barendt) 1978

Regulation: Legal Form and Economic Theory 1994

Costs and Cautionary Tales: Economic Insights for the Law 2006

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