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UK Fellow, Medieval Studies, elected in 1999

Dr Anthony Hunt FBA

The use of French in medieval England; medieval medicine; and editing Old French texts

About this Fellow

Lecturer & Reader, Univ. St Andrews 1968-90; Lecturer in Medieval French Literature, Univ. of Oxford 1990-2009 Fellow of St Peter's College, Oxford 2011 (Emeritus 2011-). Hon Treasurer Anglo-Norman Text Society 1976-2011, Joint President 2011-. Research interests: Medieval Medicine, Anglo-Norman, Medieval French translations of Latin texts. Foreign Member, Norwegian Acad. of Science & Letters (1999); Officier dans l'Ordre des Palmes Academiques (2009)



Current post

  • Emeritus Fellow, St Peter's College, Oxford

Past Appointments

  • Reader in French, University of St Andrews, 1979 - 1990
  • Tutorial Fellow in French, St Peter's College University of Oxford, 1990
  • Faculty Lecturer in Medieval French Literature, University of Oxford, 1990
  • Emeritus Fellow, St Peter's College University of Oxford, 2013


Les Paroles Salomun

Ed. Tony Hunt, 2012 Anglo-Norman Text Society

Anglo-Norman Medicine

Ed. Tony Hunt, 1997 D. S. Brewer

2 volumes

Teaching and learning Latin in 13th century England

Tony Hunt, 1991 D. S. Brewer

3 volumes

Popular medicine in 13th century England

Tony Hunt, 1990 D. S. Brewer

Other Medieval Studies Fellows

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