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Professor Andrew Hurrell FBA

International relations, with particular reference to theories of global order & global governance: the history of thought on international law & relations: the international relations of the Americas, especially Brazil
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About this Fellow

Andrew Hurrell has been Montague Burton Professor of International Relations at Oxford University since 2008 and is a Fellow of Balliol College. His research interests cover theories of international relations; theories of global governance; the history of thought on international relations; comparative regionalism; and the international relations of the Americas, with particular reference to Brazil. His current work focuses on emerging powers and on the history of the globalization of international society. He was elected to the British Academy in 2011 and to the Johns Hopkins Society of Scholars in 2010. He is a Delegate of Oxford University Press and a member of the Finance Committee of the Press. His book, On Global Order was the winner of International Studies Association prize for the best in the field of International Relations in 2009. He was awarded the Susan Strange Prize by the International Studies Association in 2015. He previously taught at the Johns Hopkins School of International Studies; he has been a visiting professor at various Brazilian Universities; and he has held visiting appointments and fellowships at NYU Law School, The Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore, and the Wissenschaftszentrum in Berlin. Principal Publications 2013 'Power transitions, global justice and the virtues of pluralism', Ethics and International Affairs. 2008 On Global Order. Power, Values and the Constitution of International Society, Oxford University Press. 2003 Order and Justice in International Relations (co-editor with Rosemary Foot and John Gaddis), Oxford University Press. 1999 Inequality, Globalization and World Politics , (co-editor with Ngaire Woods), Oxford University Press. 1995 Regionalism in World Politics. Regional Organization and International Order (co-editor with Louise Fawcett), Oxford University Press. 1992 The International Politics of the Environment (co-editor with Benedict Kingsbury), Oxford University Press.



Current post

  • Montague Burton Professor of International Relations, Oxford University

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