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About this Fellow


Current post

  • Emeritus Professor of Politics, University of Cambridge

Past Appointments

  • Professor of Politics, University of Cambridge, 2007 - 2014
  • Lecturer, Reader, Professor in Politics, The University of Sheffield, 1973
  • Director of the Political Economy Research Centre, The University of Sheffield, 1998
  • Professor of Politics, University of Sheffield, The University of Sheffield, 1986 - 2006
  • Emeritus Professor of Politics, University of Cambridge, 2014


The conservative nation 1974

The free economy and the strong state 1988

Hayek: the iron cage of liberty 1996

Other Political Studies: Political Theory, Government and International Relations Fellows

Professor Andrew Hurrell

International relations, with particular reference to theories of global order & global governance: the history of thought on international law & relations: the international relations of the Americas, especially Brazil

Professor Simon Hix

Comparative democratic institutions & processes, especially voting in legislatures & electoral systems; & European Union politics, especially the European Parliament & European Parliament elections.

Professor Will Kymlicka

Democracy & diversity; theories of multuculturalism & minority rights; the accomodation of ethnic, racial & religious diversity within broader theories of citizenship & human rights; animal ethics

Professor Patrick Le Galès

Public policy, & sociology of the state in Europe; European cities & great global metropolis; Economic sociology/ political economy; Great Britain