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Professor Andrew Barker FBA

Music; Ancient Greek Music
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About this Fellow

Andrew Barker read Greats at Oxford, and went on from there to the Australian National University, where he wrote a PhD thesis on forms of explanation in evolutionary biology. Ancient philosophy, however, was the main focus of his teaching career, in the Philosophy Department at the University of Warwick and the Classics Departments of the Universities of Cambridge, Otago and Birmingham. He retired in 2008. He plunged into research on ancient Greek music and musical theory in the mid-1970s, a time when these subjects had long been seriously neglected, and has been working on them ever since. He is the Founding President of the International Society for the Study of Greek and Roman Music and its Cultural Heritage (informally known as Moisa), and editor of the journal Greek and Roman Musical Studies.



Current post

  • Emeritus Professor of Classics, University of Birmingham

Past Appointments

  • Lecturer, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Warwick, 1970 - 1992
  • Professor of Classics, University of Otago, New Zealand, University of Otago, 1992 - 1995
  • Professor of Classics, University of Birmingham, 1996 - 2010


The Science of Harmonics in Classical Greece 2007 ed. 1

Greek Musical Writings, vols 1-2 1984-1989

Scientific Method in Ptolemy's 'Harmonics' 2000

Psicomusicologia nella Grecia antica 2005

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