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Professor Alan Macfarlane FBA

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About this Fellow

History Social & Cultural Anthropology, Other Branches



Current post

  • Emeritus Professor of Anthropological Science, University of Cambridge; Fellow, King's College, Cambridge

Past Appointments

  • Reader in Historical Anthropology, University of Cambridge, 1981 - 1991
  • Professor of Anthropological Science, University of Cambridge, 1991 - 2009
  • Fellow, King's College University of Cambridge, 1981
  • Emeritus Professor, University of Cambridge, 2009
  • Professor of Anthropological Science, University of Cambridge, University of Cambridge, 1991


The origins of English individualism 1978

The diary of Ralph Josselin, 1616-1683 (_RSEH ns_ 3, 1976)

The savage wars of peace 1998

The making of the modern world 2002

Japan Through the Looking Glass 2007

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