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Professor Adam Kuper FBA

About this Fellow

Social & Cultural Anthropology, Other Branches



Current post

  • Visiting Professor, Boston University

Past Appointments

  • Lecturer in Anthropology, University College London, 1970 - 1976
  • Professor of African Anthropology, University of Leiden, The Netherlands, 1976 - 1985
  • Professor of Anthropology, Brunel University, 1985 - 2008
  • Visiting Professor, Boston University, 2017 - 1970

British Academy Appointments

  • Vice-President, 2006 - 2007
  • Member of Council, 2004 - 2006


Anthropologists and anthropology 1973


Culture: the anthropologist's account 1999


Incest and Influence: The Private Life of Bourgeois England 2009


Other Anthropology and Geography Fellows

Professor Allen Scott

Research interests include urban studies, economic geography, regional science, and policy analysis

Professor Linda Newson

Historical geography; demographic and cultural change in colonial Latin America and the Philippines; Portuguese slave trade to Spanish America; history of medicine in early colonial Spanish America

Professor Yi-Fu Tuan

Social Geography Asian Philosophies and Systems of Thought (ie Confucianism, etc) Cultural Geography

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