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Excellence for the Future

Excellence for the Future

The Academy's subjects have never been of greater value in helping us to understand and start to address the biggest challenges of our time.

There is not a single major problem that we face, be it an ageing population, migration, sustaining the environment and managing climate change, that does not require attention from both the physical sciences and from the social sciences and humanities.

This is an exciting time for the British Academy as we develop new and innovative ways to promote the role and value of the humanities and social sciences.

Your support is important to us and will allow us to develop new programmes which nurture outstanding talent and inform the future including:

  • Providing seed-corn funding for researchers wishing to test and develop new and innovative approaches;
  • Funding research fellowships for the most talented academics in the UK and overseas;
  • Developing a new network for talented early career researchers with demonstrable potential for engagement and outreach  focusing on the big issues of our time;
  • Providing independent public policy advice;
  • Engaging the public in the big issues of our time through events and activities;
  • Championing the value of studying the humanities and social sciences to school and university students, particularly in relation to language learning.