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War: an emotional history

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Dr Claudia Siebrecht, University of Sussex
Dr Claire Langhamer, University of Sussex
Dr Lucy Noakes, University of Brighton

Love, grief, hate and fear are among the emotions most immediately associated with the rhetoric, experience and memory of war. War is often lived through and remembered as a time of heightened emotional intensity during which patriotic fervour, the break-up of families, encounters with the enemy, loss of life, and extraordinary levels of violence engender a range of complex emotional responses.

This two-day conference seeks to explore the degree to which war impacted upon the emotional world of those who lived through times of conflict, and to consider how individuals in a range of different national contexts have responded to war from the medieval to the modern period.

Please click here for a copy of the current conference programme.

Speakers include:

Professor Joy Damousi, University of Melbourne
Dr Eamon Darcy, Trinity College Dublin
Professor Graham Dawson, University of Brighton
Professor Martin Francis, University of Cincinnati
Dr Nikolas Funke, University of Edinburgh
Professor Susan-Mary Grant, University of Newcastle
Professor Christa Hämmerle, University of Vienna
Dr Claire Langhamer, University of Sussex
Dr Lucy Noakes, University of Brighton
Dr Catriona Pennell, University of Exeter
Dr Michael Richards, University of the West of England
Dr Lucy Robinson, University of Sussex
Professor Michael Roper, University of Essex
Dr Claudia Siebrecht, University of Sussex

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