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What do you remember about reading novels at school?

Dr John Gordon, University of East Anglia

What do you remember about reading novels at school?

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Wander through our beautiful building to view 15 exhibits consisting of text panels, interactive elements and audio-visual displays created by the academics we fund. Meet our researchers, find out more about their projects and take part in hands-on activities.

John Gordon’s exhibit explores what makes shared reading of novels powerful

Literature’s Lasting Impression: What Makes Shared Reading of Novels Powerful?

Most people remember ‘reading round the class,’ where students join in or share reading of a book under the guidance of a teacher. But does it really work? Drawing on memories and interviews with teachers and students, John Gordon invites visitors to take part in shared reading activities and asks how we can nurture lasting pleasure and interest in reading beyond school.

John Gordon is a Reader in Education in the School of Education and Lifelong Learning at the University of East Anglia
Research Award: British Academy Mid-Career Fellow 2016

Showcase opening times: Friday 22-Saturday 23 June,11am - 5pm

Late-night view: Friday 22nd June, 6.30-9pm  

Teaching to ensure literature’s lasting impression

Read more about the impact of shared reading and literature teachers.

Floor Plan:

You'll find this exhibit at Point 6 in the No.11 Reception on the Ground Floor. Download our programme to plan your visit.

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