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Is 3D cinema only good for spectacle and novelty, or can it do more?

Dr Nick Jones, University of York

Is 3D cinema only good for spectacle and novelty, or can it do more?

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Nick Jones’ exhibit explores 3D cinema and digital technologies

Contemporary 3D Cinema: Space in the Digital Age

Digital 3D cinema is often dismissed as a gimmick, but this overlooks its historical and cultural significance. In his exhibit, Nick Jones reassesses its importance and shares his research on the history of 3D, from Victorian stereoscopes to cutting-edge VR headsets. In addition to enhancing our understanding of digital cinema, 3D is also crucial to understanding today’s wider landscape of digital technologies – including pervasive digital surveillance and the phenomenon of big data. Drop in to learn more about 3D and try a VR headset to see the world in a different way.

Nick Jones is Lecturer in Film, Television and Digital Culture, University of York
Research Award: British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow 2015

Showcase opening times: Friday 22-Saturday 23 June,11am - 5pm

Late-night view: Friday 22nd June, 6.30-9pm  

The History of 3D Media

An interactive timeline of the history of 3D, from Victorian stereoscopes to Avatar.

The Force is strong with 3D cinema

Nick Jones looks at the history of contemporary 3D cinema and its importance to Hollywood.

Floor Plan:

You'll find this exhibit at Point 15 in the Waiting Room on the Ground Floor. Download our programme to plan your visit.

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